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  • Lauren Donahey

    Speech Pathologist

    Lauren is a non-verbal communication specialist. She graduated with a master's degree in Speech Pathology from Wichita State University where she focused her training in therapy for children with severe language impairments. Lauren uses individualized techniques to encourage verbal communication in non-verbal students (when traditional techniques are ineffective). If verbal communication does not improve or is insufficient, Lauren is experienced in a variety of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) to improve communication between you and your loved one.

    Sieczkowski Speech Solutions

    Sieczkowski Speech Solutions provides speech-language evaluations and therapy to children, starting at age 3 years old. We are located at Morning Light Family Medicine and provide services by appointment only. Please call and ask to schedule an evaluation with Lauren.


    We evaluate and provide therapy for speech and language skills including:


    • Articulation (clarity of speech sounds)
    • Receptive and expressive language (what you understand, sentence length, sentence structure and content)
    • Tongue thrust
    • Social communication (children with autism often have trouble with social skills)
    • AAC (children and adults who can't talk or lose the ability to speak may benefit from communication boards or voice out-put devices)
    • Stuttering
    • Phonological processing
    • Literacy


    Cost and Insurance

    Sieczkowski Speech Solutions accepts private pay and is in-network with some insurance. Please note that many insurance companies restrict coverage of speech therapy services and may not cover developmental delays that may leave you with the entire bill. Coverage also does not mean that insurance will pay for services, just that they will insure you get their adjusted rates. You are responsible for deductibles and copays. We understand that insurance can be confusing and will provide you with information to help with this, but we encourage you to check with your insurance to be sure you know what your financial responsibility will be for these services. Feel free to call our office for our rates and network status with your insurance.



    American Speech Language Hearing Association

    Texas Speech Language Hearing Association

    Texas Department of State and Health Services


    Priority Care Hours:

    Monday-Friday: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
    (Open Over the Lunch Hour)

    Address: 7000 Parkwood Blvd., Suite B200 | Frisco, TX 75034
    Phone: 214-705-1900 | Fax Number: 214-705-1886
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