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  • What to Expect At Your Well Visit

    These are general recommendations. Your doctor may recommend additional screenings or tests depending on your health, history and concerns.


    Age Group

    Typical Exams

    3 months-4yrs old (boys and girls) vaccines, physical exam
    4-18yrs (male and female) vaccines, physical exam, vision and hearing screening
    18yrs-40yr Female physical exam, Cholesterol level, PAP, vaccines
    18yrs-50yr Male physical exam, Cholesterol level, vaccines
    >40yrs Female physical exam, breast exam, CBC, CMP, cholesterol, PAP, vaccines, fecal occult blood test, EKG, mammogram (separate location), bone density (age 50)(separate location), colonoscopy (age 50)(separate location)
    >50yrs Male physical exam, CBC, vaccines, prostate exam, EKG, CMP, cholesterol, fecal occult blood test, colonoscopy (separate location)


    The "HIPAA notice of Privacy" is for your information. NEW PATIENTS, please print and complete the "Patient history form", "Patient Agreement" and "Release of Information" forms and bring them to your first appointment along with your insurance card and ID. If you can't print them, that's ok. Bring a list of your medications with your insurance card and ID and we'll have the forms ready for you to fill out at the office.


    Priority Care Hours:

    Monday-Friday: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
    (Open Over the Lunch Hour)

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    Phone: 214-705-1900 | Fax Number: 214-705-1886
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